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Child Protection

Once you start a family, and accumulate debt, you really should start thinking about protecting your children’s future should something unforeseen affect you or your partner’s ability to work and generate income.  Australia is one of the most un-insured countries in the world and many families are not protected should the unthinkable happen.

There are 3 main types of insurance in Australia, Life Insurance, Income Protection insurance and trauma insurance. Each of them covers a different area. Life Insurance is obviously, in the advent of your death you family gets paid a once of benefit. Income Protection Insurance can protect up to 75% of your income until age 65, in that advent of sickness or injury which prevents you from working. It is paid as a monthly sum. Trauma cover, is a lump sum payment in the advent that you suffer from a covered event. There are numerous covered events but the common ones are cancer, heart-attack and all the nasty usual suspects that we fear contracting. The lump sum benefit is designed to cover your medical bills. It should be taken in conjunction with life insurance and income protection insurance so that you are properly covered.